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The Procom platform was developed by industry experts with over 30 years’ experience in the  construction, civil and resource sector. We understand the pain and stress associated with Handover Manuals and have provided an affordable solution for the industry.  Preparing  detailed and organised Operations and Maintenance Manuals to your client has never been more simple. Be proactive and contact us today. 

Our Mission

To remove the headache associated with O&M manuals for Contractors, streamlining the process in an affordable manner without compromising quality, to prevent handover delays. 

Our Aim

Help Contractors;

1. Save Time

2. Reduce Costs                  

3. Increase Quality 

We understand requirements

Time is of the essence, and we understand that. Let our platform help save you time and money, ensuring you deliver to your Client first time, every time.

We work precisely

Precision is key, no time lost on re-work. Our platform will help you deliver to your Client what they want.

We deliver best output

We provide high quality handover documentation that can be tailored to suit your contract deliverables.


Save Contractor's time and money and ensure project Hand Over documentation is provided to the client on time. 

Our expert team

Procom has a team of experts with over 30 years exposure in the Construction and Resource sectors. We understand the challenges and obstacles that are faced daily and are here to help. Procom have collaborated with a digital development company to provide an affordable user-friendly solution to assist Contractors during the Handover Process. In addition to our Handover Platform, we also offer consulting services specialising in Defence Estate Data and “HOTO” which includes the completion of a GDL for the project. 

Petr Cervenka

Senior Technical Developer

Saulo Onze

Senior IT Manager

Nigel bull

National Business Development Manager

Other Key Resources

Other key resources  at Procom  available to assist you in achieving  a successful handover include: 

– Customer Service Officers

– Project Managers 

– Technical Advisor 

– IT Support