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Our service extends to Contractors working on Capital Facilities Infrastructure (CFI) & Estate Works Program (Defence Contracts) throughout Australia. There is no project that is too small or large. We have a wealth of inhouse knowledge and first-hand experience in delivering construction projects for the Department of Defence. Our field of experts have worked across multiple aspects gaining knowledge and experience within the various stakeholder positions, including Contractor, Consultant and Maintenance Contractor. This well-rounded industry exposure has strengthened our team ensuring that you understand the steps involved to achieve a compliant HOTO and project completion.

More about Defence O&MM and HOTO

As the Department of Defence is a public entity a lot of the systems and processes are shared publicly however, this information is also the subject of regular review and change. It is important you keep up to date. This public information is published on the Defence Estate Quality Management System or DEQMS.  This website is a mixture of public and restricted documents thus knowing where to locate information can be complicated. At Procom, we not only offer a platform that aids in reducing time and cost for collating and producing a Defence compliant digital manual, but our support staff are able to assist with any general enquiries in regards to locating information on DEQMS or provide guidance on suitable content for O&MM / HOTO Evidence Folders. Procom is an industry partner with Defence and thus receives regular advice on upcoming/planned DEQMS updates including current links to information. For general update notices please see DEQMS Updates Page.

If you are a Defence Contractor CONTACT US today and experience how Procom can assist you and your team in achieving a compliant handover.

Understanding the difference between O&MM & HOTO

The Department of Defence has a high level of information gathering requirements when it comes to project completion. This process is called Handover / Takeover or HOTO  and is commonly the headache for Contractor’s and the number one cause of delay for Contractor’s being relieved of their obligations, due to the misunderstanding between HOTO & O&MM. The reason for this gap in understanding is due to a mixture of misconceptions regarding who, what and when items are required to be completed (both Defence/EMOS and Contractor) Vs the general construction industry expectations on Handover documentation not being defined.

Handover / Takeover or HOTO is the process of gathering a variety of information on the project, not just the building, that is critical to successful conclusion of a project but also the safe operation of the new asset (Eg. Building). An Operations and Maintenance Manual  is only one item to be delivered on the list but involves Builders/Contractors to gather large bits of information from Subcontractors/Suppliers. Defence nominate under their O&MM Guidelines how these documents are to be structured, formatted and delivered to the Defence Users, Estate Maintenance and Operations Support (EMOS). Complying with these requirements can be overwhelming and difficult. This is where Procom’s user friendly platform provides the most efficiency to Contractor’s. Procom is actively involved with and consults directly with Defence HOTO / O&MM policy makers to ensure our platform and services are meeting current industry requirements